Work in Progress:

  • Gender Quotas and the Path to Power: Evidence from Italy

  • Power in the Post-Conflict Period: The Effect of Armed Conflict on Women’s Political Leadership Positions (with Cosima Meyer)

  • Why Do Women Speak Less? Disentangling Gender Differences in European Parliament Speechmaking (with Verena Kunz)


I teach introductory and advanced undergraduate seminars in comparative politics and international relations at the University of Mannheim.

  • International Political Economy (advanced undergraduate seminar, fall 2020)

  • Political Economy of Gender (advanced undergraduate seminar, spring 2020)

  • Women in Politics (advanced undergraduate seminar, spring 2019)

  • Gender and Policy in Comparative Perspective (introductory undergraduate seminar, spring 2018)

  • Comparative Political Institutions (introductory undergraduate seminar, spring 2017)

I received the 2018 Teaching Award from the Center for Doctoral Studies in the Social Sciences (CDSS) at the University of Mannheim.